The vision of the Mendocino Spay-neuter Assistance Program's goal is to reduce animal suffering by eliminating over-population and by promoting humane treatment of animals. We strive to reduce the number of cats and dogs euthanized by Animal Control in inland Mendocino County. We want every cat and dog in inland Mendocino County to be loved and wanted by their human caregivers and companions.

When SNAP holds a Spay and Neuter Day at Mendocino Animal Hospital, Dr. Charlotte Burns performs all the procedures. She seems tireless, working all day on all shapes and sizes of cats and dogs. As SNAP volunteers who work on those days can attest, it is an honor to witness her dedication and labor of love for our four footed friends. Thank you, Dr. Burns!

2020 SNAP Breakdown

Spay & Neuter Totals

Cat Spays - 427

Cat Neuters - 362

Dog Spays - 134

Dog Neuters - 12

TOTAL - 1043

We are happy to report that the Pandemic did not slow down our work in helping to provide those in need of assistance with spaying and or neutering of their pets.

Why Spay?

There are many medical and behavioral benefits in having your female dog or cat spayed:

  • Easier for you

  • Eliminates messy "heat periods"

  • Eliminates the scent that attracts annoying males

  • Eliminates the frantic pacing & crying while in heat (cats are especially vocal)

  • Reduced dog license fees will help cover the cost of the operation.

  • Healthier for your pet

    • Eliminates the problems and risks of pregnancy and birth

    • Eliminates the common problems of cancer and infection of the uterus in later life

    • Decreases the possibility of mammary tumors

  • Reduces the Overpopulation Problem

    • Rids you of the worry of what to do with unplanned litters of puppies and kittens

    • One female dog or cat can be responsible for 4372 offspring in 7 years!

Why Neuter?

There are many medical and behavioral benefits in having your male dog or cat neutered:

  • Easier for you

  • Usually stops tomcats from spraying foul smelling urine

  • Reduces the annoying and embarrassing urge of male dogs to mount people's legs

  • Reduces do license fees which will help cover the cost of the operations

  • Reduces aggression against other animals

    • Fewer fights wills ave you money and aggravation.

  • Healthier for your pet

    • Without the urge to seek out females, pet runs fewer risks associated with free-roaming animals (hit by cars, etc.)

    • Reduces the risk of prostate problems and testicular tumors later in life.

  • Reduces the overpopulation problem

    • One male running loose for just a few hours can impregnate many females, adding to the serious problem of unwanted puppies and kittens.

Kind News

Mendocino SNAP partners with Kind News to provide education to our children in Mendocino County.

Kind News reveals the beauty and wonder of the animals who share our world while also exploring the challenges they face. Through profiles of amazing kids, features about rescued animals, pet care tips, and how-tos on helping backyard wildlife, Kind News encourages youth to coexist humanely with animals, celebrate the human-animal bond, and become active in efforts to protect animals. (Kind News (c) 2015 The Humane Society of the United States)